Ayurveda is the science of life. And life is dependent on the environmental factors present around us.

Ayurveda is a health science developed from the studies done by the Ayurveda rushi (experts) by observing the daily activities in nature.

The basic concept of Ayurveda is based on the theory of Panchamahabhuta. They are Akasha, Vayu, Teja, Jala & Prithvi; and these all together form an environment on the planet Earth as well as in the human body.

How this panchamahabhuta evolves in the human system is well explained in the Taitirya Upanishad:

तस्माद्वा एतस्मादात्मानं आकाशः सम्भूतः। आकाशाद्वायु:। वायोरग्निः।अग्नेरापः। अद्भ्यः पृथिवी। पृथिव्या ओषधयः। ओषधीभोन्नम्। अन्नात्पुरुषः। स वा एष पुरुषोऽन्नरसमयः।

This shloka explains the evolution & connection of the Human and the ecosystem. It says: The conscious is first manifested into the Akasha. The Akasha makes space for particles to move resulting in the development of Vayu. The Vayu ignites and raises the temperature which results in the formation of Teja. Then the Teja cools to form in Aap or Jala. The jala condenses and solidifies into the parthiva to form Pruthivi. The Pruthvi gives birth to various Oshadhi means plants that ultimately feed and are responsible for the organism’s life cycle.

This whole concept of basic environmental factors and the ecosystem is well in Upanishad. This theory is used as a basic factor of Ayurveda knowledge.

Let’s get to know it little dipper.  As for now, we know the Panchamahabhuta; Akasha, Vayu, Teja, Jala & Prithvi. These five fundamental elements are responsible for the Ayurveda Doshas formation. Vaata Dosha is formed by the union of Akasha + Vayu mahabhuta. The Pitta is formed due to the dominance of Teja & Jala mahabhuta. And Kapha is developed by the dominance of Jala & Pruthvi.

Ayurveda has yet another principle that shows correlation between the human body and nature.

पुरुषोऽयं लोकसम्मितः।

  or in simple terms

सर्वं द्रव्यं पांचभौतिकं अस्मिन् अर्थे।

This means those things which are present around us in this nature and environment are also present in the human body. This shows the link between the human body and the environment. These all are correlated through panchamahabhuta and their manifestations. And the panchamahabhuta is the reason for the health and disease in the body also for a peaceful environment and calamities in the world.

The earth is ours. Let’s save it. And take a step toward your Health.