Hormonal Disorder

Hormones are the basic chemical substance to maintain body function. The two glands secret the enzymes called hormones. In an abnormal state, it causes various disorders. Endocrine and exocrine glands are two types of glands secrets their hormones in the body respectively.
Ayurveda has not mentioned any types of hormones in the text but has a unique way of approach while treating the hormonal disorder. The root causes for hormonal imbalance are deeply rooted in a poor diet, bad lifestyle, and poor immune system. Ayurveda suggests an effective diagnosis of the root cause and treating it. We are providing the best Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility in Porwal Road.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by high sugar levels over a prolonged period of time. It is explained in Ayurveda under the term Prameha. Ayurvedic has a holistic approach to treating diabetes, not just by maintaining blood sugar levels but also by maintaining body health by reducing other complications to a happy healthy life for diabetic people. This includes Ayurvedic medicine, aahara & vihara. Treating diabetes timely can reduce the risk of kidney diseases, eye, and neurological diseases.

The Thyroid gland is situated in the throat region and plays an important role in the metabolism and other functions of the body. Thyroid disturbance can be caused due to stress, poor nutrition, and immune system disturbances. There are two conditions of thyroid malfunction Hypothyroid & Hyperthyroid.
While treating thyroid disease with Ayurveda we diagnose the root cause and treating it with a holistic approach. Proper nutrition along with Ayurvedic medication and proper yoga helps to maintain thyroid function naturally and effectively.