Joint Diseases

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Joints are made for location & movements. Joints are the junction of the union of bones bound together with muscle and tendons. The movement in the body is due to Vaata doshas hence joints are the site of Vata dosha and the chances of developing into Vaata disorder are relatively more. The vitiated Vata dosha causes anatomical and physiological changes in Asthi, Majja, and Mansa Dhatu resulting in joint disorder. The various diseases like osteoporosis, spondylitis, arthritis, and gout are due to the mutation of Vata doshas in this Dhatu. Ayurvidhi Clinic is the best place for Ayurvedic Treatment for Joint Disease in Porwal Road.
Timely treatment of these diseases with Ayurveda medicine can help to cure effectively and efficiently in long term.


  • Pain in joints
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Crackling sound
  • Difficulties in movements

Osteoporosis is a reduction of bone mass per unit volume & defective mineralization. In this condition, bones become brittle and weak which may cause a fracture, spondylitis, etc. this condition in Ayurveda is referred to as Asthi, Kshaya. Treating Asthi Kshaya according to Ayurveda has to work on fixing the correct Dhatu formation, pacifying Vata dosha with ayurvedic medication, and lifestyle modification. Treatments like abhyanga, Lepana, and Basti seemed to be useful.

It is a degenerative joint disease occurs when the cartilages between bones disintegrates. This causes pain, stiffness, swelling, in affected joints. This disease mainly affects the joints in hands, neck, hip, lower back etc. This condition is referred to sandhi vaata in Ayurveda due to vitiation of vaata dosha in the sandhi, where the vitiated vaata dosha causes the above mentioned symptoms. Ayurveda offers very effective way to treat sandhi roga with daha karma, swedana karma along with medication and lifestyle modification.

This is condition of spine resulting into degeneration of inter-vertebral disc. The area commonly affected in spine is cervical or lumber. Symptoms are region, muscle stiffness, headache and sensation of needle pricking, muscle spasm etc. Spondylitis is a vaata dominance stage affecting mansa and majja dhatu. The degeneration refers to kshaya-janya samprapti of body resulting into wearing down body tissue leads to creating the symptoms in body.
Symptoms of spondylitis can be prevent and cured with Ayurveda. The first line of treatment is to pacify vaata and regenerating the dhatu. Bruhana chikitsa is preferred along with sthanik basti, pottali sweda and little Panchakarma procedure. The choice of drugs and treatment modalities can vary as per patient’s prakruti, age and severity of disease.

It is a condition of an inflammatory arthritis affecting the spine & joints. Most probable affected joints are spinal vertebrae occasionally shoulder or hips also involved. Back pain gets worse over time. This can make your back, neck stiff and painful. This is a most aggravated stage of vaata dosha thus it causes structural deformity.
Ayurveda has holistic approach while treating Ankylosing spondylitis. It includes all types of vaata pacifying treatment modalities like snehana, swedana, basti, lepa along with abhyantar chikitsa. The yoga-asana practice is also been used to treat. All these together helps to prevent further relapse of the body structure. The Ayurveda medical therapies are used to relive pain and rejuvenate the tissue to regain the bone and muscle health. The repeated and continued all treatment modalities have to perform on regular basis for fast results.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder in which body system fights with its own body tissue, mostly affecting joints and other body organs. The most common diagnosis for RA in ayurveda is Aamavaata. The formation of aama is due to weaken Agni in the digestive system. The aama is formed and circulated
The disease involves multiple system involvement due to aama (toxins) travelling through the vessels of body. The aama and vitiated vaata together affects the body resulting in the symptoms of aamavaata. The line of treatment focuses on treating the aama and vaata at same time with conserving of healthy body tissue.