Digestive System

The digestive system is the main & important system of the body. It is Annavaha Srotas as per Ayurveda also known as Maha Srotas. An efficient Digestive system is a key to health, where Agni plays an important role in it. In Ayurveda, weak or impaired Agni is a cause of various diseases. This leads to the formation of various diseases like bloating, constipation, mal-absorption, flatulence, etc. . These diseases can be overcome by treating the root cause with help of Ayurvedic medicine and diet regimen as per the patient’s disease. For above discussed digestive disease treatment, Visit Ayurvidhi Clinic. It is the Best Ayurvedic Clinic in Porwal Road

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is characterized by recurrent abdominal pain in association with abnormal defecation in the absence of a structural abnormality of the gut. As per Ayurveda IBS is categorized under the Grahani Vyadhi. It is a group of diseases mainly having symptoms of loose stool or constipation alternately. The main reason for grahani disease is food incompatibility, improper diet schedule, food poisoning, etc. The treatment focuses on balancing doshas and Agni with help of medicine and a proper diet. Diet plays an important role in treating this disorder as Agni is directly responsible and dependent on food and vice versa.

Flatulence is a building up of gas in the digestive system which can cause abdominal discomfort and pain. This is Vaata’s aggravated condition as per Ayurveda caused due to weakening Agni fail to digest the food. This aggravated Vaata further causes disorientation of vaata leading to various gastric and other health issues. To treat this is to find the causes and association of the disease and treat it.

Constipation is infrequent passage of stool due to improper or less bowel movement. It is commonly known as Malabadhata in Ayurveda text. Malabadhata is a disease as well a symptom sometimes associated with diseases. The root cause of this is deeply rooted in the patient’s diet habits, and lifestyle; just taking laxatives does not relieve constipation. The main reason is to be ruled out and treating the cause along with the Agni helps to treat constipation effectively.

Diarrhea is repeatedly evacuating of bowel with watery stool, cramps, etc. It is commonly known as loose motion. In Ayurveda, it is known as atisara or Drava mala pravritti. It is a response of the digestive system to expel incompatible, undigested food that can cause threats to the system. Initially, it is an expulsion of doshas from the body. The negligence to this sign can lead to severe atisara vyadhi. Ayurveda suggests the different lines of treatment at various stages of Drava Mala Pravriti. Mainly Ayurveda focuses on balancing doshas & Agni and preserving health at the same.

Anorexia is a hunger disorder characterized by markedly reduced appetite or total aversion to food. It is commonly known as Aruchi. It is a common symptom seen in many disease-related to various digestive-related disorders. The main reason is the formation aama in the digestive tract. Thus body develops a feeling of aruchi so it could digest previous undigested food. But neglecting the call of the body can create many health conditions as it is assigned with many other diseases as symptoms. This has to be diagnosed in an ayurvedic way.