Panchakarma Treatments are been popular nowadays. As it is widely demonstrated as a detoxification procedure, weight loss treatment, stress-relieving procedure, etc. Panchakarma is more than these known causes. Ayurvidhi Clinic provides the best Panchakarma Treatment in Porwal Road.
Basically, Panchakarma is a group of five main procedures used for the elimination and pacifying of dosha. Panchakarma is categorized under the type of Shodhana Chikitsa due to its bio-cleansing nature.
1) Vamana – therapeutic emesis
2) Virechana – therapeutic purgation
3) Basti – therapeutic enema
4) Nasya – nasal insufflation
5) Raktamokshana – therapeutic bloodletting

These five procedures are the main therapeutic procedure that is done at the proper time or with a specific therapeutic purpose. All five are having preparatory measures (Purva-karma) previously & a post-operative measures regimen. This pre-operative procedure includes internal & external procedures.

It is a therapeutic process of removal of Aama mostly from the upper part of the elementary canal or gastrointestinal tract. It’s mostly meant to eliminate Kapha dosha, thus it is a treatment of choice in various Kapha disorders.
Indication: Vasant Rhutu, hyperacidity, bronchial asthma, Obesity, skin disease, etc.

It is a therapeutically induced purgation with help of Ayurvedic laxative medicine meant for the removal of dosha, especially from the lower gastrointestinal tract. Its mode of action is Pitta dosha, thus it is the first line of treatment for Pitta Disorder.
Indication: Sharad Rhutu, eczema, allergic dermatitis, jaundice, headache, gout, hemiplegia, chronic fever, etc.

Basti is a therapeutic enema of medicated oil & herbal decoction introduced in the rectum through the anal opening. It is used to treat Vaata disorder.
Basti is been categorized into the following major types on the basis of mode of administration:
1)Niruha Basti – is a mixture of decoction & medicated oil
2)Anuvasana Basti – is purely or solemnly of medicated oil
3)Uttar Basti – is a type of Basti treatment introduced in the uterus through a urethral or vaginal opening in females & urethral opening in males. It is indicated in urinary disease, gynecological issues & sexual disease in both males and females. Uttar Basti is broadly used in uterine dysfunction, infertility problem, menstrual problem, etc.

It is one of the panchakarma procedures in which medicine is introduced through the nasal opening. The main site of action is the head region and associated regions like the neck, eyes, oral cavity, etc. The medicine introduced in Nasya is in the form of dried Churna (powder) or in oil form.
Indication: Headache, hair problem, improves the sensation of sense organs, pacify Vata at local region.

Raktamokshana is a therapeutic bloodletting procedure used to treat various blood disorders. Blood is considered as one disease causing factor in body. Thus removal of impure blood with the help of various instruments is done in Raktamokshana.
Indication: Headache, burning sensation, pimples, swelling, wounds