Suvarna Prashana

The Golden Shield of Ayurvedic Medicine

Suvarna Prashana or Suvarna Bindu Prashana (SBP) is an ayurvedic immune-modulatory medicinal preparation prepared by Suvarna Bhasma (purified gold ashes) and herbal drugs. It is an immunizing preparation of Ayurveda, advised to 0 to 16 year age group children.
In Ayurveda, Suvarna Bindu prashana is a unique way of administration of gold to children. Suvarna means gold whereas prashana means ingestion. Suvarna is an auspicious & pure metal described in Ayurveda for its curative and preventive measures. Suvarna itself is an immune-modulatory drug for many systems, when it is encapsulated with honey, clarified butter, and several herbs the mode of action becomes much wider and helps to stimulate the body’s immune system.
Suvarna Bindu prashana (SBP) is administrated orally on empty stomach in the morning on the Pushya nakshatra of every month as an auspicious procedure for administration. We provide Panchakarma Treatment in Porwal Road.

Benefits of SBP:
It enhances memory, immunity system, appetite, skin tone, etc. Also improves digestion, intelligence, physical strength, and metabolism.